Web Presence Analysis


We will help you to check how your company is viewed when someone searches for your products or services. Then, we will tailor a marketing and branding strategy specifically to meet your needs!

A successful, digital strategy is based on a correct analytics setup of your website and your business.

Web presence today centres on a more comprehensive approach to Internet marketing. With the incredible growth of social media, coupled with the power of Search Engine marketing and content marketing

Once we will create a clear roadmap for you with top priority things to do. Then you will have a much better understanding of what efforts you have to do and where you need to focus on.

The goal is to build and sustain a credible and well-promoted web presence that is visible in the search engine and social media.

Do you need a better web presence visibility for your business?

Ask yourself: 

  • How quickly can your business be found in search engines when someone searches?
  • How easy is to find you on the internet and contact you?
  • How is your reputation among your customers?
  • How does your business compare to your competition?
  • Do the right visitors visit your site?
  • Does your content attract the right visitors and the target audience is identified?
  • Is your website mobile friendly?

We help you find the answers to these essential questions, Contact us! 


How to build a web presence? 

  • Research your competition – You start by evaluating your competitor’s website and followed by their social media presence
  • Build your website – After selecting a domain and figuring out a hosting plan, you need to turn your attention to the design and website’s structure. And, remember that your website is the best business card ever!
  • You need to claim as many Social Media Profiles as possible.
  • Create your own on-site blog, as well as establish relationships with other websites and blogs
  • Optimise pages, content, pictures and videos, etc. it’s important to optimise your pages so they’re visible and searchable. When it comes to SEO, on-page ranking factors simply can’t be ignored!
  • Reap the Benefits of a Strong Internet Presence.
  • Maintain – This is a regular job because of search engine algorithms are tweaked as well customer preferences change